Permanent residence status is granted to someone who has immigrated to Canada but is not a citizen. A permanent resident of Canada is a citizen of another country who is legally authorized to live and work in Canada.

A permanent resident in Canada has the right to:

  • Reside, study, and/or work anywhere in Canada;
  • Receive most social benefits offered to Canadian citizens, including health care coverage;
  • Be protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Canadian laws; and
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship.

SDLC provides legal services relating to an individual's permanent residency application including:

  • family class applications (such as spousal, common-law, parent and grandparent sponsorship);
  •  economic immigration applications such as Express Entry (Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled. Worker Class and Provincial Nominee Class);
  •  Start-Up Visa;
  • Self-Employed Persons and Caregivers; and
  • Humanitarian and compassionate cases.
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